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Now tell me, how does it feel like to be @Plaça de Catalunya?

In order to experience a place, you need to be there at one point. You need to see how things are moving around, smell the air and the sis-kebap place in the corner ;) , touch the stones, walls surrounding you or hear the music echoing by the surrounding environment. Not just the funny moments but there might be burglars around, or in order to take metro you need to enter from a specific point into the system.

All those things also realized by thousands of people; locals, tourists, a hurrying businessman a little kid who does holds a balloon in one hand, and an ipad on the other. And when people experience things they have the urge to share stuff. And if you are experiencing a place you usually check-in to that place so the entire world would see you are there :p And then you want to leave a tip for the people; that according to your experiences you need to be careful about the pigeons, they do what most of the pigeons do onto your head&shoulders :) 

This is a project called "How does it feel like there?" and it's basically mining what people are thinking and feeling about a specific place. By collecting and mining the tips over Foursquare, Tripadvisor, yelp, facebook etc. we are trying to make a sentiment analyze about those places.

The pilot network graph is about Famous "Plaça de Catalunya" in Barcelona. Check out "How does it feel like to be @Plaça de Catalunya?

Ozan Ertug